Origami Inspiration


Happy Monday! I ran across this post sharing an old Rad Hourani collection on Love Aesthetics and can’t get it out of my head. I love all of the texture and depth and geometry going on in that collection. In fact, my wedding dress was even an origami-inspired design by Calvin Klein.

I had a pretty relaxing and productive weekend in town. Kicked it off with dinner on Friday night at Whole Foods (we actually do this pretty often- does anyone else? A friend is a bartender at the ginormous Lincoln Park location and it’s actually pretty fun to eat, have a drink and then head home with groceries. And by groceries I mean beer and popcorn.) and then I tried my first Threadless IPA which caused me to set a new goal for Whimseybox – have a beer named after us! Saturday I caught up on some reading and hit up the street fair in the neighborhood before going to bed at 10pm. (Lame! Heaven!) And then on Sunday we came into the office to work which was amazing because we were uninterrupted for hours!

(Clockwise from top left: Sweatshirt, alphabet, swan, vest, phone, DIY, pyramids, wall art.)


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