Olivia Palermo And The Week That Was – January 28, 2011


Oh, Olivia Palermo. I generally avoid celebrity fashion, but you have an incredible wardrobe and I can’t figure out why you’re famous, anyway. (No, The City (RIP) does not count.) [via]

Someone please send me these shoes in a 5 1/2.

This is not how I dress, but I cannot avoid poring over the latest Madewell.


Hards meets soft metallic and crocheted cuffs.

Paintings by Michelle Armas to feed my faceted/geometric addiction.

I don’t know who keeps the Tumblr prettystuff.tumblr.com, but it is a spot on collection of pictures, words and things I adore.


I was rolling around ideas to make a tassel belt, but HonestlyWTF beat me to it! I love how they used a nut to top the tassel.

I’m embarrassed to admit how much I love scratch-off lottery tickets. (The only thing that’s better are pull tabs! As a child we would spend some summer weekends up at ‘the lake’ with relatives (very Minnesota!) and go to a place referred to as The Joint (seriously) where my kind uncle would buy us some pull tabs and Shirley Temples.) ANYWAY, here’s how to make your own scratch-off tickets. This could be great for a party.

There’s a great local Houston restaurant called Zelko’s Bistro with Mason jar lights. Now you can make your own!


I’m amazed that this is the first time I’ve seen a flat screen on an easel! I wish I had known about it before I setup my office.

New materials? You had me at ‘translucent wood’.

This book origami is art.


Creepy eye hair clip.


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