Now I Can See There Was A Pattern

I was hoping to share with you some cool patterned pants I’m working on, but unfortunately I don’t have pants right now. Instead I have pieces.

But I can show you this cute southwestern  tuxedo jacket I bought from adorable blogger and vintage seller Milk Teeths.

I think it’s awesome, but I suspect my husband is less enthusiastic about it. :) About the hair… well, it’s so dreary here. The long-lost rain has arrived and is trying to make up for the months of drought.

I’m happy that it will help alleviate the wildfires, but still… I prefer sunshine. And until the sun returns I’m protesting by working from bed.

Of course normally I work from bed in yoga clothes, but I had a meeting this morning to learn more about Dress for Success Houston. (Are you in Houston? Check out the Women of Wardrobe event from 6-8 tonight!)

Oh yeah, the chalk map is still a work in progress, too. Until yesterday I was busy working on my M&J Trim Challenge projects – they’ll won’t be revealed until the 29th, but today they announced who the challengers were. (Hint: Check out my new camera strap…)

Bring on the sunshine!


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