Nomadic Fashion and The Week That Was – November 12, 2010

AWESOME had me laughing out loud on an otherwise gloomy day. [pictured] – If I knew where to find a film canister these days I would definitely find someone to victimize with a confetti bomb.
– I really wanted to share the video trailer for Dancing Under the Gallows, a movie about a 106 year old musician, holocaust survivor and eternal optimist, but it’s been removed from YouTube for a copyright violation. Sad. If you ever run across it it’s worth watching.


– I’m looking for a photograph or art piece to represent our love for Chicago. These typographic maps combine my love of letters with my favorite city. (No hard feelings, Houston, you’re great too.)
– Probably the best thing I saw all week- overdyed rugs. I love the bright colors and that they are vintage rugs reborn. I saw plenty of rugs during my trip to Istanbul (just try and avoid it) but none were close to this amazing. [pictured] – Now that we have enough space at home to put our coats away I banished our old and less than beautiful coat hooks to the attic. But I’d love to look at this one every day.


– Nomadic fashion? Caroline Trentini in a cramazing editorial for Brazil Vogue November 2010. Also, similar styling in this Numero China editorial. And this Jonsi (of Sigur Ros) video for Go Do. [pictured] – I’m working on a necklace inspired by this combination of pink and brass.
Beautiful coats from Lauren Moffatt.


– featured my vintage flag project.
– Even with the flag project finished there are still a lot of empty walls around my house. I love these DIY paper frames but wonder if the ones I draw will look as good as the examples…
– This simple paper garland is beautiful. It reminds me of something that would adorn the front windows of Anthropologie. [pictured]


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