Moroccan Dreams

I’ve had Morocco on the brain lately, specifically the bright, bold patterns of the tiles and textiles. I love looking at them, but I don’t know how to work them into my life. I was thinking of going crazy with color and pattern in the living room, but after the flag project it doesn’t make sense. Maybe the bedroom? Will I look like a Halloween straggler if I start wearing beaded caftans around town?

The top photo comes from decor8’s Marrakesh travel diary post where there are tons of amazing photos. And more in this post. Someday I’d love to visit Morocco and stay at the Peacock Pavilions.

(Indian print block used as a door handle!)

This all started because I was looking for Moroccan patterns for a scarf project. (The same scarf project I have been working on for two weeks… Current score: Scarves-4 Me-0) This was one of my favorites, although it was a little too complicated for the scarf so I choose a simpler design.


I’m still working on the scarf- fifth time’s a charm? Maybe I’ll just buy these Toms.

Silver Morocco Toms

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