Meet the MAGIC Bloggers

Image via Taisa Veras

There were several highlights to my trip out to Las Vegas for MAGIC– getting to work with BurdaStyle to lead DIY projects everyday, checking out all the amazing fashion and, not least, the opportunity to get to know all of the other bloggers. I was honored to be a part of this vibrant and stylish group that traveled from all over the world to attend!

Macala Wright – Organizer extraordinaire
Krista Peck – Macala’s sweet gal Friday who came all the way from Germany!
Taisa Veras – Gal Friday #2 Taisa is a senior at FIT with about a million jobs. Check out her site for great designer and blogger profiles.
Sara Zucker – If you ever get a chance to split a bottle of champagne with her, do it! (Also, it looks like she’s yelling at me in the picture above.)
Jennifer Margolin – With a blog called Red Sole Diary it’s no surprise that her shoes were *stunning.*
Elim Chu – My latest style crush and incredibly sweet in person.
Marie Leggette – So smart and savvy that I wasn’t surprised to find out she has an MBA. Watching her give some Amazon buyers an earful about their (lame) product shots was awesome!
Mayka Mei – You know how everyone is a social media guru now? Mayka’s the real deal with killer style to spare.
Laura Kudia – A fellow champagne lover.
Karen Chien – Designer, retailer and blogger- she does it all! Check out her shop Object Mythology.
Heather Petrey – Heather shares my love of DIY fashion! I only wish we’d had more time to hang out!
Wendy Bendoni – I had a blast with trendmaster Wendy and her husband at the Rock the Bells concert. Plus they’re Chicago Bears fans!
Renee Ogaki & Rebecca Lay – More style crushes!
Natalia Alcala –  On behalf of culture mag  Blackbook. I’m looking forward to reading their coverage.
Sade Strehlke – Her blog has tons of great MAGIC pics- next time I’m just going to follow her around :)
Diana Kang – Diana left early so I never got to meet her :(
Brittany Law & Clio de la Llave – Young and on their way – Style Republic is definitely one to watch.
Nicole Giordano – Love that she covers Sourcing (fabrics & more) which I didn’t make it to this time.


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