Meet the MAGIC Bloggers

Image via Taisa Veras

There were several highlights to my trip out to Las Vegas for MAGIC- getting to work with BurdaStyle to lead DIY projects everyday, checking out all the amazing fashion and, not least, the opportunity to get to know all of the other bloggers. I was honored to be a part of this vibrant and stylish group that traveled from all over the world to attend!

- Macala Wright – Organizer extraordinaire
- Krista Peck – Macala’s sweet gal Friday who came all the way from Germany!
- Taisa Veras – Gal Friday #2 Taisa is a senior at FIT with about a million jobs. Check out her site for great designer and blogger profiles.
- Sara Zucker – If you ever get a chance to split a bottle of champagne with her, do it! (Also, it looks like she’s yelling at me in the picture above.)
- Jennifer Margolin – With a blog called Red Sole Diary it’s no surprise that her shoes were *stunning.*
- Elim Chu – My latest style crush and incredibly sweet in person.
- Marie Leggette – So smart and savvy that I wasn’t surprised to find out she has an MBA. Watching her give some Amazon buyers an earful about their (lame) product shots was awesome!
- Mayka Mei – You know how everyone is a social media guru now? Mayka’s the real deal with killer style to spare.
- Laura Kudia – A fellow champagne lover.
- Karen Chien – Designer, retailer and blogger- she does it all! Check out her shop Object Mythology.
- Heather Petrey – Heather shares my love of DIY fashion! I only wish we’d had more time to hang out!
- Wendy Bendoni – I had a blast with trendmaster Wendy and her husband at the Rock the Bells concert. Plus they’re Chicago Bears fans!
- Renee Ogaki & Rebecca Lay – More style crushes!
- Natalia Alcala –  On behalf of culture mag  Blackbook. I’m looking forward to reading their coverage.
- Sade Strehlke – Her blog has tons of great MAGIC pics- next time I’m just going to follow her around :)
- Diana Kang – Diana left early so I never got to meet her :(
- Brittany Law & Clio de la Llave – Young and on their way – Style Republic is definitely one to watch.
- Nicole Giordano – Love that she covers Sourcing (fabrics & more) which I didn’t make it to this time.


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