May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor and The Week That Was–March 23, 2011


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– Too. Good. To. Be. True. MGSM
– I bought these waxy coated ‘trousers’ at Zara a few weeks ago and have been wearing them almost non-stop. Do it.
This is my dream live/work space. Yes, it’s an old garage.

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– These DIY business cards are wonderful! Just the right combo of professional with an artistic touch.
– Between The Lines made a gorgeous DIY leather and gold tote with excellent instructions.
– Super into all of the jewelry projects using cord lately, like this bright and sparkly DIY bracelet.



– OMG HUNGER GAMES HUNGER GAMES HUNGER GAMES! I figured out that this poster which has been through the Pinterest/Tumblr Gauntlet of Nonattribution, was once sold by this Etsy shop (thanks to Design Crush for the info!) but is no longer available Sad smile
– Thanks for all of your kind comments and notes about my Wednesday post on Whimseybox. I’m going to try writing a personal account about what’s going on every week. I think it might be useful for me as well as anyone else trying to start something, plus it will be fun to look back on someday. (On bad days I tell myself ‘this is going to be a funny anecdote in my book someday’!!!) So stay tuned for the first installment: how I sent a cat to Mark Cuban.
– If you’re starting/working on your own business (or life!) you might like this post from Making Things Happen.
– I love a good ‘how it’s made’ video- this one is from Roy Denim.
Chuck Jones draws Daffy Duck, but the commentary is my favorite part. Are you feeling like a Daffy or a Bugs today?

– This weekend is the Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park. Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing art!
Fotofest is in full swing. (I got to enjoy a taste at Spring Street Studios during our Whimseybox meetup on Wednesday night!) Caroline Collective is hosting an exhibition of HCC Central students’ work on Saturday night.
– The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is hosting a Spring Luncheon on 4/18. Here’s the info!
– A few weeks ago I learned that Houston has a hacker space, TX/RX Labs. How I did I not know about this? You can learn all kinds of cool stuff like laser cutting, 3D printing, welding and more. A friend and I are planning to attend their open house some Friday in the next few weeks. If you’re in Houston and want to check it out with us, email me!


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