Making Valentines for Stylish Women

Usually I stay away from holiday-themed crafts for a few reasons. Most holiday crafts are either designed to do with kids (which I don’t have yet) or they are a little too, um, Little House On The Prarie for me. We keep it pretty clean and modern around my house, so as much as I like to look at the fun themed projects others make and post I don’t usually do any myself.

Except……….. I’m headed to WWDMAGIC in a few days and I was thinking of ordering new business cards to share with the other bloggers. When I referred back to some of the people that posted about Alt Summit and looked at all their creative business cards I had an idea – instead of traditional business cards I would make combination business cards/DIY gifts/Valentines. It’s the perfect way to share what Dismount Creative is all about.

I needed it to be something wearable, but not too expensive or labor-intensive to make because I needed to make 50. Immediately. And since I had my first haircut in 9 months last week (!!!), a cute hair clip was the first thing that came to mind.


– Bobby Pins
– Self-adhesive sparkly craft foam (1 sheet will make around 100 hair pins)
Sheet protector (1 sheet will make around 100 hair pins)
Watercolor paper (1 sheet makes 13 cards)
– Red ink pad
– Stamp
– Blue painters masking tape

Total Cost: Less than $10


Papercutter (or a rule and scissors)
– XACTO knife
– Small, pointy nose scissors


1. Lay your watercolor paper down on protected surface. Use the blue painters tape to mask off parts of the paper to create a random stripe pattern.

2. Go crazy with the watercolors! Yes, I actually used Crayola- it’s cheap and accessible! I never rinsed out my brush or worried about mixing up the colors. I would just paint one color and then add the next. Sometimes I added more water to soften the color and other times I used less water to get a more saturated look. Rocket science this is not. Since this was for Valentines I kept all the colors in the warm red/pink/orange range.

3. The paint shouldn’t take too long to try. Remove the tape and admire!

4. Cut into business card size. Since I have a papercutter I decided to wing it and just ‘measure’ using one of my business cards while I was slicing. It didn’t matter to me if they were all perfectly the exact same size. (Really want the details? Holding the paper in portrait orientation I was able to fit two columns of five cards in landscape and one column of three cards in portrait. If that makes any sense.) If you don’t have a papercutter, go buy one. Okay, just kidding. Use a ruler and mark the back of the paper lightly with a pencil and then cut along those lines.

5. Stamp or write your greeting on the top. I used this Happy Everything stamp I’d purchased out of a $1 bin at Michael’s months ago. I don’t do much stamping, but I thought if I was going to have one stamp that ‘Happy Everything’ was the perfect sentiment. I also used Speedball block printing ink instead of a stamp pad because that’s what I had on-hand. Use what you have!

6. I didn’t manage to get a picture of this step, but on the back of each card I stamped my logo and wrote a short greeting before making a small cut with the XACTO knife on the left middle to attach the hair pin.

7. To make the hair pin, cut out a small heart shape from a piece of scrap paper to use as a template. Then trace the shape a zillion times onto the back of the glitter craft foam.

8. Cut out the hearts. This job is much easier if you have a nice, sharp pair of scissors with a pointed tip.

9. Remove the paper backing and stick the heart to the top of the bobby pin. Then, cut a 1 inch square out of the plastic sheet protector. (Why a sheet protector? I happened to have some and it worked great!) Snip a tiny hole in the left center of the plastic and thread it onto the back of the bobby pin and up to stick it to the heart.

10. Use your scissors to trim around the heart and remove the excess plastic. Again, sharp scissors make this job much easier!

11. Finally, poke the bobby pin through the hole in the card and take a million pictures of how cute they look!



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