Makeathon Night!


Tonight we’re having a Makeathon at Whimseybox. It’s our version of the popular idea of a startup hackathon, where developers get together and build a new solution for something. It’s an opportunity to pick a project that you maybe would never otherwise work on and try to make something awesome. Since we’re not all programmers, our version is a Makeathon where the making is generally less technical. Lately as things have gotten busier I’ve found myself spending less and less time getting hands on so it’s a welcome opportunity to dive in! This is my inspiration board, I look forward to sharing what I make! I’ve got a project for the office planned and plan on playing with the new Cricut Explore to make it.

*While writing this I just had a fun idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if every Whimseybox employee got a craft supply budget for the month to encourage them to make stuff? I’m not sure what it would be or exactly how we’d administer it but I think that would be an awesome perk – I’m going to figure it out! What do you think, would $100/month be cool? We have a lot of supplies here but that would make it easy for them to get the other items they need.

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