Loving: Illustrations

I’m one of those people who enjoys taking classes and someday soon I’d like to take some art classes. Usually I’m unafraid to try something new (rock climbing, circus arts, you can’t scare me!) but I am a little apprehensive about starting art classes.

Because what if I find out I’m terrible and have to live with that for the rest of my life.¬†Or what if we have to do still life drawings of fruit like in elementary school and it’s boring? Also, will there be critiques? Because critiques are NOT my thing, and neither is drawing naked people. See- there’s a reason I wound up studying engineering!

But still, I see so much amazing work on the internet every day and can’t help but wonder… A few weeks ago I was obsessed with watercolors and now it’s these simple but perfect illustrations. I want to draw one on the tote I got from PS I Made This but need a little practice before I take Sharpie to canvas…

The perfect example? These Anya Hindmarch totes.

And Alix of Bohemia – Not only does she make beautiful clothes but I love the accompanying drawings.

Have you taken any art classes?


  1. Jess says:

    I looove illustrations! I took years of art classes, but never got comfortable with critiques! I think it’s hard to have someone say there’s a problem with something you’ve put your heart and soul into… that’s why I got into graphic design… less heart and soul. :)

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