Let’s Wear Crazy Stuff On Our Heads and The Week That Was–March 30, 2012



- The H&M FAA collection is festival ready and I love it! Especially the crazy headpiece.
- I’m about to order these chambray Chuck Taylors.
- Polka dots! I love all of these pieces. Btw, my sister had to draw ‘polka dots’ for me on Draw Something I had the hardest time figuring it out. She made a great picture, I was just convinced that the answer was pajamas or clown suit (!?) and had to use the stupid bomb to figure it out.
- Dismount Creative Rule #12- Must share anything that can be described as ‘faceted’ or ‘geometric.’ This week: cool ceramic magnets in modern colors and the octa trash bin.

craftyFullscreen capture 3302012 100822 AM

- Many years ago I tried to bleach some denim and it was a disaster. But this DIY makes me really, really want to try again.
- Love these DIY clocks!!
- Rubber band jewelry! Rubber is among my favorite materials alongside cement and felt.
- I’ve seen a few takes on the painted wooden bead necklace that Kate Spade is selling right now- this one is especially nice. Such a simple DIY. I’d do it in mint green for sure.
- I mentioned it back when we found out they were casting, but now we have a date. Craft Wars, hosted by Tori Spelling will premiere June 26th on TLC. Cross your fingers that it’s good!


- Love this letter that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to his daughter, Scottie called Things To Worry About.
- Whoa, this man’s story of growing up in a North Korean prison camp is just… I don’t know.


- The Telluride Mountainfilm Tour is in town. We’ll be there tomorrow night to watch some great films.
- What else is happening? I don’t even know!


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