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Yes, I am resorting to the phone pictures post. It’s just been that crazy around here. In the weeks leading up to Christmas it was a constant Whimseybox gift certificate assembly line around here, trying to ensure that everyone got theirs in time to put it under the tree. We shipped stacks of them twice a day, carefully matching up addresses and gift messages.


And then there was the last minute boxes flying out the door just in time. This was late afternoon last Friday when Bri came by with a couple hundred boxes to label and deliver to the post office ourselves just to get them out. My neighbor pulled up as we had this back-of-the-van-workspace going and kindly parked on the street so we could finish. It was crazy, and that’s just how I think it should be. A sprint to the finish, and afterwards a few pizzas and beers in an impromptu “we did it!” Christmas celebration.


I bought myself a New Years’ present from Sincerely Jules, a new comfy grey tee to lounge around in so I don’t have to wear my ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ shirt non-stop this year.


I am crazy about these birch straws and used them to make a fun little garland. Just the low-key craft I needed to finally get into the Christmas spirit.

Then we took off to MN for a few days to enjoy the bright, crisp air that you’ll just never get down here. It was a fun visit filled with family and kids and crazy and I barely touched a computer or phone. I read 1.5 books and watched snippets of movies and lost lots of cribbage games. (Fifteen two, fifteen four and nobs is 5?? Will someone count for me?)

I have trouble switching gears – it’s either all work all the time, or all family all the time. I don’t divide my attention well. When I’m away from normal life I forget all about this blog, social media and all but the most pressing emails. Sometimes I wish I remembered to take more pictures so I can preserve them here, but mostly I’m glad to just be there laughing, not trying to save the moment for later. But then later comes, and it’s time to face the full inbox and empty blog…

We got back into Houston late last night, to a car that refused to start. The parking attendant gave us a jump and we were on our way. Once we got moving it was just fine.


  1. Megan says:

    ha! I didn’t that the sincerely jules shirt came in a tshirt. I just posted the sweatshirt version on my blog yesterday! We are the same person you and I, Alicia girl! =)

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