Langford Market Blogger Party


Last week I stopped by the Langford Market on University for a little blogger party. It is a fun and affordable store and the girls that work there are really sweet. The strangest moment was when store manager Amber and I bonded over the fact that we both had bunion surgery (TMI?) when we were teeanagers. It’s so strange, I have never met anyone else under 60 who’s had that surgery!


The most challenging (and fun) part of the night was the mannequin styling challenge. I suppose if you’ve worked in retail (or styling, of course) this is an everyday task, but I’ve never tried to dress anything but myself! There are a few things I wish I could change, but I think it came out okay!


Langford Market has uploaded all the mannequins to their Facebook page. Go check out the full gallery and ‘Like’ the one you, er, like the best. Also, Amber and I are talking about having a DIY night at the store in January. What works better for you, Thursday evenings or Sunday afternoons?

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