Jim Henson And The Week That Was – February 11, 2011

- Nine d’Urso, whose hair I envy.
A transparent stripe dress that looks easy to sew and probably impossible to wear. 
- I want to wear all white
. Sadly incompatible with my habit of knocking a Diet Coke off the table every week. 

The perfect assortment of pillows- exactly what I envision for my living room.
- Watercolors once again! Ethereal images by Cate Parr
Venn diagram prints are genius. 

- I’ve been thinking of trying to do something with Porcelaine pens- this cross-stitch mug is cute. [via] - Photo coasters!
- Rick-rack rose rings. Say that five times fast! [via]

- Paper + animation = awesome, always. Behold: The Move. [via] - A 15 minute video about making puppets with Jim Henson. I wished it was longer!
- It’s all videos today. Here’s a mesmerizing piece that shows the making of an art piece. Amazing.


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