Jewelry Organization Inspiration

I’ve never had a nice way to organize and display my jewelry. The more DIY projects I work on, the more pieces I’m racking up and cramming them in my sock drawer isn’t working for me anymore.  The perfect spot has already been chosen- it’s just inside the bathroom on top of the built-in dresser. At first I thought I could stop by HomeGoods and find something easily, but a lot of what I’ve seen there falls in the ‘scary headless doll‘ camp. I want something more modern, and more unique.

Above: All Urban Outfitters- Hand $18, Chairs $68, Branch $32, Hand $18

This Curbly feature is a little too shabby chic for me, but I like the overall idea (and her jewelry!).

re-purposed nuts and bolts holder would be perfect. Anyone know where to find one?

These hands could hold rings, bracelets and necklaces, and they match my bathroom. But a collection of them would be expensive. A potential DIY with some plaster of paris and yellow kitchen gloves? (Apparently this isn’t a totally crazy idea, hmm..)

Martha Stewart’s ideas are pretty, but unfortunately I’m fresh out of beautiful, spare teacups and saucers. (My jewelry lives next to my socks- you think I have a teacup collection?!)



  1. jesslope says:

    aww. liking it all of it. i want a space like this. working on ideas for sure. now the only thing missing in those photos is a pair these. :)

  2. Courtney says:

    So I’m in love with your site! and I think the plaster gloves idea is awesome! But my favorite would definitely be the nuts and bolts holder. I looked on ebay… couldn’t find it!

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