How To: Make A Simple Terrarium for Under $20

We’re plant people now!

At least, that’s what my husband said after a few trips to Home Depot and IKEA for other supplies resulted in a few new green friends last weekend. (Just try and make a trip to IKEA and buy only what you came for- it’s impossible.) Before a few months ago I’d never kept a plant alive my entire life, but now we have two and both seem to be doing fine! So, naturally (ha!), we decided to up the difficulty level and get a few more. This is going to get us ready to have kids, right? And then I can skip pets altogether?

That’s my husband on Mt. Ranier next to our oldest plant – 6 months and still alive!

Our only outdoor plant is about to migrate inside for the night because it’s supposed to freeze in Houston tonight. It’s a little sad looking now because it’s winter, but I’m looking forward to when the bright pink flowers come back.

And I finally made the terrarium I’ve been thinking about forever! Except, I’m not sure if it actually is a terrarium, or three cacti in a bowl. Either way, I’m happy with it. I’ve wanted something like this since I watched this how-to video from Sprout on design*sponge, and I really, really wanted it after seeing Morgan of The Brick House show off hers. It only took a few minutes to assemble.

I used a cheap, shallow glass bowl I picked up at Michaels or Hobby Lobby a few months ago for this purpose. To start, I put a layer of gravel on the bottom to (hopefully) allow for drainage. Then the plants went in and I filled the bowl with cactus soil.

The three plants came from IKEA and the soil and rocks from Home Depot. Total cost was less than $20 for everything.

Finally I added another layer of rocks on top and it was done. The hardest part of the whole project was trying to position the plants without getting pricked!



  1. jena says:

    oh my gosh! hahaha!! that’s so funny we both wrote about our plants, must’ve been some carbon wavelength we were following 😉 so glad you came by Modish and thanks for sharing! And that’s a very cute terrarium, I’m going to have to try to make one!

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