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by Alicia on October 28, 2013

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#radishdirago and I on a hike this weekend

We’re heading into a super busy season at Whimseybox and right now my laptop is basically within reach at all times. This weekend I was thinking about how many of the services/programs I rely on daily that I hadn’t heard of or didn’t even exist 5 -10 years ago. It’s crazy! I wonder what things will look like 5 years from now… but in the meantime here’s how I/we work:

  • Asana – Thank the heavens for Asana which is our go-to task management system. At this point, we could barely function without it. It’s lightweight but powerful – a super effective combination. (Also, free!)
  • Hipchat – It’s our company chatroom, used to pass along links, ask quick questions and, of course, share silly stuff. Super handy, and we have fun with all of the silly emoticons. Actually, Patrick has whipped us up a few of our own including our faces and a can of Diet Coke!
  • Private Wiki – This is a new campaign I’m on. While we have a lot of info in Asana, the wiki is great for ‘how to do whatever’ type stuff and for keeping helpful links all together in one place. It’s like our company manual. (We use Mediawiki and I’d like to brag that I installed it myself, despite being a little afraid and a lot confused in the process.)
  • Picasa – I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again: Picasa is my go-to girl when Photoshop (or GIMP) aren’t required. Fast, easy + free, just like I like it!
  • Powerpoint – Lately I’ve been spending more and more time in Powerpoint. Sometimes it’s for actual presentations, but I also find it handy for whipping up quick inspiration boards, mocking up new website pages and other silly stuff.
  • Dropbox – Of course. What did we do before Dropbox? I don’t even know.
  • Spotify – Basically all the time, except when I’m home watching something on Netflix. Also, pay the money to get rid of the commercials, it’s totally worth it.
  • Boingo – After years of resisting it, I signed up for Boingo a while ago and lately I’ve spent a lot of time in airports and on the road and it’s been great. I know a lot of airports like DIA have free limited wifi now, but when I’m stuck for hours I need the real, reliable, full speed version to be productive.

In the other category we have:

  • Google Apps – Man, I want to like you but I just can’t. The spreadsheets in particular drive me crazy.
  • Company Blog – We used to have an internal company blog, but it’s fallen by the wayside. I still think it’s a good idea, maybe we’ll come back to it again when we’re larger.

Any great tools I’m missing? I’d love to hear about them!

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Jeff October 28, 2013 at 7:30 am to find productive co-work spaces when you are on the road.


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