Houston: Masks, Knitting, Painting + more



I spent the morning at the Junior League sewing dolls for Texas Children’s Hospital. Crafting for a cause is just as good as crafting over cocktails. Now if only we could combine them… :)

Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone. We believe that everyone has valuable skills and knowledge to teach and the curiosity to keep learning new things. This means our neighborhoods, communities, and cities are really the world’s greatest universities. Our platform helps make the exchange of knowledge easy, enriching, and fun.

All of the classes happen in the real world. That means offline despite what we nerds may consider to be “real.” We believe that learning should happen in groups around shared interests and passions. When you bring together a variety of voices and hands-on instruction, truly spectacular things happen. This magic just can’t be replicated over a webcam and chatroom. We’re here to spread this magic and increase the gross happiness index around the world.

Awesome concept, right? I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of classes pop up on there.


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