Hermes, Cole Haan & West Elm Appeal To The Crafty

Did you know March is National Craft Month? Okay, it’s also apparently:

– National Frozen Foods Month
– National Nutrition Month (doesn’t really go with the first one, huh?)
– National Peanut Month
– National Women’s History Month

But I’m a fashion and craft lover, so around here it’s National Craft Month. Martha Stewart is celebrating it, of course. Is anyone else?

Maybe… ¬†In the March Harper’s Bazaar ($5 on Amazon right now!) there were two ads that had to have been aimed directly at lovers of craft and design. As DIY continues to becoming more mainstream it’s exciting to see large brands like Hermes and Cole Haan taking this approach. Cole Haan’s site even says “Makers. Creators. Innovators. This season we celebrate those who make, create and innovate.” I love it! Here are the ads:

Another company that’s embracing craft and handmade is personal favorite¬†West Elm. They’ve partnered with Etsy to feature items from sellers in their catalogs and held WE Heart Handmade Art events in stores around the country. I know they recently held one in Austin – I’d sure love to see one in Houston sometime!

Who else (outside of traditional craft companies) is embracing design, craft and DIY?

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