Happy Birthday Jim! and The Week That Was–February 10, 2012


I interrupt these weekend links to bring you an important announcement: Today is my wonderful brother Jim’s 28th (whaaaaaaaaaaa?) birthday. He’s in OH while I’m down here in TX so we only get to see each other a few times a year, but I’m definitely thinking of him today. The world has never seen such a disarmingly charming and generous guy. After Jeanette and I had gobbled all of our Halloween candy he’d always say ‘here, have this Reese’s Peanut Butter cup.’ (That’s not some 3rd-tier flavored Tootsie Roll type of candy, that’s top shelf!) Love you Jim! PS- Sorry if I was hugging you a little too hard in this picture. You look like you might pop!


Fullscreen capture 252012 91109 PM

- This isn’t very me, but something about this outfit makes me happy.
- Gorgeous modern chairs that actually look like they’d be a comfy spot to curl up with a book.
- That triangle wallpaper? Epic!

craftyFullscreen capture 252012 85929 PM

- LOVE this ultra simple webbing camera strap DIY. (You know I like custom camera straps!)
- A simple Valentine’s DIY.
- Elsie’s floral boots project is a new favorite.

coolFullscreen capture 252012 90415 PM

- Jessica said that she cried for 30 minutes after she saw this, and I can see why. What a statement- those are real license plates!
- Also, this OK Go video. Would you think something that elaborate is possible? I need to start dreaming bigger!
- On that note, one to think on.


- Thanks to everyone who came out to Langford Market for our Valentine’s DIY!
- Check out this cute Houston guide on Modcloth written by Miss James.
- Last week’s First Saturday Art Market was rained out so it’s happening tomorrow.

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