Giant Chairs and The Week That Was–March 9, 2012

Fullscreen capture 352012 51441 PM
– Beautiful jewelry by Cursive Design.
– I really like the Topshop Unique collection.
– These Ribbon Squirrel notebooks are spot on.

craftyFullscreen capture 352012 15442 PM
– A DIY George Nelson Case Study bed!
Geometric wedges. Of course I’m all about these.
DIY Washi Tape corkboard.
A Matthew Williamson clutch DIY – time to get my trim on!
Simple DIY goals list.

coolFullscreen capture 352012 15200 PM
– Stuff out of scale! Stuff out of scale! Walker Art Center Lifelike, here I come!
A kaleidograph! This is the kind of toy I’d keep on my desk, if I worked at a desk. Perhaps it will have to go on the coffee table instead.
How To Break Free From Being Stuck. “Waking up at 7 am, lying there until 10am. The sunlight coming in and filling the room when everyone was busy doing their routine and I was too afraid to move. Sometimes I’m still too afraid to move. But sometimes the good thing about too much sunlight is that eventually it leads to an entirely new day.”
Grant Achatz eats just like the rest of us most of the time.
– The only tattoo I would ever want. (Not really, but whoa!)

– This is Houston-related really at all, but just a few hours away in Austin a little thing called SXSW is happening. Actually, I’m there right now!
– Also Austin-related but relevant to Houstonians is the launch of Farmhouse Delivery locally. I just signed up and will let you know how it goes.
– Don’t forget to RSVP for the Whimseybox Craft Meetup on 3/21! Come meet 31+ new crafty friends!


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