#GettngSlizzerd And The Week That Was – February 18, 2011

The latest: I had an amazing week at WWDMAGIC. So many talented people and all the clothes and accessories have me overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to taking the weekend to download pictures and sort out the mind jumble that has resulted. And maybe try and finish at least one of the dozen projects I have going around here. Finally, because I am fickle I have (temporarily? permanently?) ditched Fancy and started aggregating pretty pictures on Tumblr. You can follow here, if you are interested.

This Alice + Olivia dress, plus the wall behind it. (Still brainstorming what to draw on our new chalkboard walls…) [via] These pants from Jonathan Cohen – maybe a DIY if I can find an appropriate fabric…
- So much amazing street style to look through while the shows are going on. My Google Reader is out of control.

- Tribal masking tape. Wha!?! [via] - Enamel lockets. I reallllly want to DIY some enamel, but it would require a kiln, one of the few pieces of craft equipment I do not (yet) own. [via] - The States series by Micah Lindenberger.

I am interested in getting some poufs for the living room. I like the Moroccan leather ones, but am afraid I’ll tire of it by the time I get it. What about this one filled with corks? Too bad I’m a beer lover, a pouf full of bottle caps wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable.¬†
Speaking of beer, this tweet that a Red Cross employee inadvertently sent from the company account instead of his/her personal account is hilarious. (Social media occupational hazard!) But the best part is the cool-headed response of the Red Cross combined with the beer lovers who donated blood or money in response. Lemons -> (hard) lemonade.
- This exists! I think it’s as close to the George Jetson briefcase car as we may ever get. I predict in a few years the price will have come down and my kids will be riding around on these.

- This acrylic necklace DIY is genius.
- A fun DIY combining photography and fabric, two of my loves. Learn how to make a photo-realistic pouch.
- Okay, I’m a little pouch crazy lately. I think a full post is in order, but until then check out this tutorial on making an oilcloth pouch.



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