Fuck Yeah Forts! and The Week That Was – December 17, 2010

The Week That Was is posted every Friday to highlight some of the best in fashion, decor and other cool stuff from around the internet. Submissions are welcome – email them to me at alicia [at] dismountcreative.com.



– Lily Donaldson in Missoni in Harper’s Bazaar via Fashion’s Gone Rogue. I just subscribed to Harper’s Bazaar (via one of those great Amazon.com sales) and I’m really happy I did. Going to the mailbox  and finding a magazine is way better than just finding bills.
– Lots of great eye candy this week  as pre-fall collections hit the blogs. I found this Pringle of Scotland look via the Fashionista roundup.  (Sidenote: Slideshows are so annoying. I mean, the pictures aren’t even big. I know it’s just to increase pageviews and I hate it.)
– I love this Sartorialist shot. How does he shoot so many people in fabulous coats but none of them ever look cold?


Awesome globe mobile from ABC Home. For a (not immediate) future nursery?
– A collection of Navajo-inspired designs.
Earrings by Elvafields that would match the earrings I made this week.


Watercolor and letterpress holiday cards. I love the triple-fold design. (Is that what it’s called?) Anyway, I would actually send cards if I could make ones this amazing.
– Pretty awesome DIY marabou clutch from Chic Steals.
– I’ve seen enough holiday project ideas to last through the next century at this point, but Celebrate magazine has a collection of easy ideas that are worth highlighting.


– So many great Tumblrs lately. My favorite: Fuck Yeah! Forts. (via)
– I’m a total dork for quotes. This quote hook is a good way to put an inspirational message in your house without going the way of putting post-it notes all over and freaking out your friends.
Toaster art! Am I the only one thinking ‘ah be careful electrocution!’? (After typing that I wondered if a toaster could really kill you dead, or if that’s just what they tell kids and maybe it would only cause… minor electrocution? I don’t know. Anyway, according to The Straight Dope you should respect your toaster- 15 people are electrocuted in the US by household appliances every year.)

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