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Last Friday morning I was making toast in the oven using the broiler (cinnamon + sugar, it’s extra good when you finish it with a sprinkling of salt on top) and when I opened the oven door to flip the bread over suddenly a GIANT BALL OF FIRE shot out of the oven. Actually, right as I opened the oven I heard Joe say ‘it smells kind of….’. All I saw was fire (and not like happy fireplace flames, I’m talking billowing orange and blue everywhere) and then I thought ‘am I on fire?!’ and then Joe yelled ‘GET OUT!’ and I ran straight out the front door. Fortunately I wasn’t on fire, just sporting some seriously singed hair. I’m sure it was quite a site as the neighborhood kids were walking to the school down the block. Radish came flying out right behind me and then Joe, who had the intelligence to turn the oven OFF before following us out.

This week the GE Certified repair man came out and of course it worked perfectly for him. He added some duct tape to the bottom in case there was some weird drafting that caused the problem. Unfortunately that doesn’t do much for peace of mind!

PS – This story made it into the end of this week’s episode of DIY5 – watch here. Also WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY HAIR IN THE SECOND HALF OF THAT VIDEO?! Oy. Starting next week I’m propping up a mirror or something, so annoying!

Fireball Mario from here.

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  1. Linnea says:

    That is scary!!! Glad you’re ok. What is it with repair people fixing things with duct tape? My MIL had a repairman come over to fix her fridge and he put a piece of foil in the area that was supposedly problematic… and told her it was all good. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t!

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