Embroidered Inspiration, Pt. 2


That embroidering that looks like watercolor just blows my mind!

This weekend I joined Pinterest as myself, aliciadirago. Before I was pinning as Whimseybox, but now we have the assistance and guidance of the amazing Rachel helping with our community so I decided to make my own account. I took the survey they do at the beginning and now for some reason all of the pins that come up on my main page are men’s fashion. Uh, what? So help me out and follow me so I can follow back people like you that like cool, women’s stuff!

Have an awesome week. I’m off to Chicago this morning to spend most of the week working out of the Excelerate Labs offices like (not so) old times. Can’t wait!

Clockwise from top left: Photo, street style, go play, m, out of sorts, bowls, close up.

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