Do You Wear A Size 9 Shoe? Hurry!!!

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Guys, I am dying. I just stumbled on the greatest Etsy find and they aren’t my size. If you wear a size 9, please go buy these VINTAGE UNWORN NORMA KAMALI LEATHER SNEAKERS FOR ONLY $50 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I know I’m writing like a spammer now, but I just waaaant them but I’m a 5.5 so there’s just no way. The only thing that will make me feel better is if they go to a good home with one of you.

Also, here’s how I found them. I was skimming through old posts on the Etsy blog and saw this crazy cool Norma Kamali suit featured, but it’s $475. So I did a search for Kamali to see if anything else cool came up. First I ran across this (I can’t even…) but then I recovered when I found these ridiculous awesome shoes.

I actually bumped another post to bring you this breaking news :)

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