DIYs And The Week Month That Was – July 1, 2011

Welcome to JULY, the greatest month of the entire year! It’s the heart of summer, vacation time and home to important holidays including the 4th and my birthday. Viva July! (Incidentally, my husband thinks that September (his birthday month) is the best month of the year. Which month do you think is best, and is it also coincidentally your birthday month?)

Tons of cool DIYs just waiting for you to try this over the long weekend:

- DIY Marble Nails
- DIY Denim Shorts
- DIY Loft Necklace
- DIY Photobooth
- DIY Neon Heels
DIY Seed Bead Necklace
DIY Raffia Clutch
DIY Blazer Dress
- DIY Prada Wrap


  1. Hayley says:

    Ooh, a lot of these look super fun! A lot of interesting blogs I hadn’t seen before too. It looks like the link for the Neon Heels DIY links to the same page as the Seed Bead Necklace though.

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