DIY Urban Rustic Turk’s Head Knot Bracelet

Turk's Head Knot Rope Bracelet

I was reading the latest issue of Marie Claire (December 2010, with a pixie-cut Emma Watson on the cover) and loved the look of the items in the ‘urban rustic’ gift guide. The perfume bottles with the stone tops are amazing!

Natural Rustic

It reminded me that I bought supplies to make a turk’s head knot bracelet months ago after being inspired by some of the awesome dip-dyed designs by Tanya Aguiniga.

I bought some rope but it was polyester and not cotton. Don’t do that- there’s nothing ‘rustic’ about polyester. Later I ran across some of the material that’s used inside cording for upholstery. It’s rope-like, made of natural colored cotton and available in different diameters. To make the bracelet you’ll need 2 1/2 to 3 yards. I paid $0.29/yard – super inexpensive.

To make the knot I recommend watching this video: It’s a little tricky but I got it right the second time around. One site recommended using a pop can but I found it easiest to wrap the rope around my hand. Keep it loose and large enough to be able to fit your hand through when it’s finished! I wrapped the entire knot three times around. Tuck the ends inside and tie off with thread.

Once I completed the turk’s head knot I felt like the bracelet still needed something so I added 36 in of 1.5 mm brass chain to each side. Just wrap it around the rope and secure with a jump ring on the inside.

Then go admire your view of the neighborhood Texaco sign…


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  2. Nate B. says:

    That was a horrible video that is linked in my opinion. I had to YouTube another one. The rope he used had a pattern so everything blinded in making it hard to see and his hands kept getting in the way of what we needed to do. Still I had a finished project and very much thankful.

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