DIY Twisted Ball Chain Necklace

Dismount Creative DIY Ball Chain Necklace

Hey, what do you know, finally a new DIY! This project has been sitting on my counter for a few weeks waiting to be done, and now that I’ve done it I can’t believe I waited this long. I know how long it’s been because I keep clicking ‘Mark as Unread’ in my Google Reader every time I run across this shot from Sincerely Jules


It set off my DIY alarms because it looked like such a simple, easy project.

DIY Twisted Ball Chain Necklace (2)

Head off to your local hardware store and pick up some ball chain. I went to one of my favorites, Berings.

DIY Twisted Ball Chain Necklace (1)

I bought three different sizes – 3yds of the largest, 2yds of the middle size and 3yds of the smallest. Mine cost about $0.59 – $0.69/foot. Be sure to also pick up a connector for each size (not pictured).

Connect the ends of each size to itself – this will make one huge circle for each piece. Then take the pieces and wrap into one circle per yard, so my 3yd pieces were in three loops and my 2yd piece was in 2 loops. This made the total length from end to end of the loops about 18″.

DIY Ball Chain Necklace (4)

Add a large jump ring or d-ring to each end. The reason I used these these d-rings is because I already had a pack lying around. One of of rings I attached an s-hook jewelry clasp. I had to open the top of the S a bit so that it would allow the other d-ring to fit through when I put the necklace on. (To do this just use a pair of pliers and gently pull it open.)

DIY Ball Chain Necklace (3)

When I’m ready to put the necklace on I make sure that the connectors (you can see the largest one in the pictures) is at the end near one of the d-rings and then twist up the chain.

DIY Ball Chain Necklace (2)

Unfortunately it won’t stay twisted when you aren’t wearing it unless you hang it like I have in the photos. Does anyone know how to do that? I’m a little worried it will turn into a knot when I’m traveling and toss it into a pile with my other necklaces.

Nevertheless, I love it. Best 5 minute DIY I’ve made in a very long time!

DIY Ball Chain Necklace (1)


  1. Raven says:

    Alicia I am SO very happy I attended one of your classes (over a year ago now? – whoa)
    You always have the very best DIYs and links AND WhimseyBox is so awesome!! I’ve been MIA on my own blog, but between work + life I have definitely been keeping up with your blog, your massive accomplishments, and the road blocks that you’ve been bulldozing over along the way. You are such an inspiration!!

    Oh, and enjoy Chicago this summer!! I wish you much continued success + I can’t wait to read more from you lady 😉


  2. Carla says:

    Love it! I haven’t worn a ball chain necklace since I was 15, I love how industrial chic yours is with the different sizes all twisted.

  3. Divya N says:

    Hey, super cute necklace…I have a way to keep ur necklace twisted but takes a little work…while you are making it, remove one end of the ball chain from the closure like thingies. Twist them all up and connect one end of a chain into another’s closure. now when you put them in d rings the chains will stay twisted!!…I hope that works!!

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