DIY Tribal Turban Headbands

Here’s the final project straight from the floor of MAGIC! When I started thinking about what to make for three days of DIY I knew I had to do something with fabric. It only made sense because I was partnering with BurdaStyle, but there was no time or space for sewing…

I ended up referring back to a no-sew headband I made a few years ago with a knot detail on top. To make it you’ll need a plastic headband, hot glue gun and some fabric.  I LOVE THE FABRICS WE USED! There are lots of great things about working with BurdaStyle – namely Carol, Susan and Lindsey – but when they suggested using Spoonflower to print custom fabric for the project I was thrilled. Although I thought it would be fun to design my own I didn’t have the time so I searched through the zillions of patterns already available and picked out a few bright tribal-inspired prints and had them printed on cotton sateen. A special thanks to Spoonflower for providing these gorgeous fabrics AND for not blinking when we decided to double our order at the last minute. The MAGIC attendees were floored to learn that you can custom print fabrics in small quantities! I guess what is common knowledge in the craft world is not yet well known in the fashion world.

We prepped the fabrics in advance by (somewhat reluctantly!) cutting them into approximately 8″ by 24″ strips like you see in the picture. But then I unfortunately stopped taking pictures and started teaching! If I can get my hands on some of these materials I’ll recreate the process and photograph it to update this post. Until then I’m afraid my written instructions will have to suffice.

1. Lay your fabric out horizontally in front of you with the right side down. Fold the bottom edge up so that it lies just past the center. Fold the top edge down to do the same and secure with a thin line of hot glue. (Alternatively you could fold the piece in half with right sides together and sew along the length to make a long tube. Flip right side out.)

2. Place the seam side of the fabric against the underside of the headband so that the length of the fabric runs perpendicular to the headband.

3. Flip the both sides of the fabric over the top of the headband. The fabric is still running perpendicular to the headband, but now the fabric from the left is on the right and vice versa.

4.  Here’s the part that sounds tricky but really isn’t – we want to add a little twist to get the knot shape on top. Take the fabric that is closer to the right side of the headband and lay it flat on top of the left side of the headband. Do the opposite with the other piece of fabric. If you pull it tight you’ll have a pointy knot or allow it to be a little looser for a softer knot.

5. Slide the knot slightly to one side of the the headband (unless you like the point directly on top of your head). Grasping on top of the knot, run a bead of glue down one side of the headband and press the fabric down to secure. Repeat on the other side.

6. You want about an inch of fabric left hanging off each end of the headband. Trim off any excess. To finish, wrap each end like a present and secure with hot glue. Start by adding a dot of glue to the inside tip of the headband and fold up the fabric in the center. Then add more glue and fold one side in. Repeat for the other side. The goal is to keep any raw edges from showing on the finished product.

Here’s blogger Taisa Veras wearing her headband at the Rumors Hotel swimwear party!


  1. Alex says:

    I love the picture of the headbands but I have to say that I’m visual person, any chance you might update with some pics of the tutorial?

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