DIY Studded Wrap Bracelet

I cannot get enough leather lately. It is so much more fun and easy to craft with than I ever imagined. Tomorrow my sister is coming to visit (yay!) and the trip up to the airport to pick her up means a stop at the Tandy Leather Supply nearby. This time I’m going to dive into the hardware section.

But you don’t need to go to Tandy Leather Supply to make this bracelet. Everything here can be purchased from Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or online for less than $10.

– Suede Trim (my piece was 8×10)
– Pyramid Studs (I used a 30 pack- leftover from this studded pouch project)
– Small rivets
– Two large jump rings
– Hole punch
– Mallet or hammer

I don’t have any pictures of the process because the entire thing only took about 15 minutes!

1. Cut 3 strips of suede 3/8″ wide and 8″ long.
2. Take two strips and punch a hole in each at the end. Use a rivet to join them together. (Read more about riveting here.)
3. Repeat step two with the third strip to join all three into one long piece.
4. Add your studs. You can make any pattern- I started in the center and worked my way out leaving about a 1/4″ between each. Since the leather is 3/8″ wide and the pyramid studs I used were also 3/8″ all I needed to do was lay the leather strip between the prongs of the stud and then bend them down on top of it. No cutting necessary!
5. I didn’t have a clasp that worked with the design, so I decided to make my own using two large jump rings. Slide them on one end of the leather, fold the leather over and rivet it down to secure. To wear, thread the leather on the other side through the jump rings like you would a belt buckle.  (Which makes me think, a longer version of this would make an amazing double-wrap belt.)

Have you made anything with leather? I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Lindsay says:

    LOVE this!! I want it haha!!
    Your pictures are seriously great..that makes a world of keeps me reading..

    Yes I love making things with recycled leather!..I have made a few bracelets over at my blog as well.

    Delighted Momma

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  3. Isabel Kimball says:

    Love your bracelet. I made something similar a few weeks ago. I found a “trim” at Jo Ann’s Fabrics. It was in the section where you find tassle trim, lace, etc, sold by the inch. It has a straight line of the studs on a leather-like backing. I bought 8″ for $2 or $3. I had some Pearl snaps (for buttons on western shirts) that worked perfect for the clasp, & cut the ends into a pleasing shape. I do need to finish the back with pleather or something so the back of the staples don’t show. I love the look. Your bracelet is triple length, so probably much less costly, but for a single one, it worked out ok.

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