DIY Studded Minty Top on Buzzfeed

DIY Studded Shirt whimseybox (1)

Hi guys! A few weeks ago Buzzfeed asked me to make a DIY studded top to share with their readers – you can find the full project over on their site. I used some of the studs that were in Whimseyboxes a few weeks ago to embellish a mint green tshirt I picked up at Forever 21. I wear something mint green about three times a week lately. In fact, I’m wearing a minty blouse right now! I wanted to find a way to add some studs but keep it modern and understated so I wound up putting them across the back of the shirt and on the epaulets. It looks awesome, but I must admit that when I wore it while carrying my heavy laptop bag on the 3/4 mile walk home from the train it was a touch painful. DIYer beware, I suppose!

Two silly behind-the-DIY stories from this project. I’ll start with the cute and finish with the dumb. Here’s the cute:

DIY Studded Shirt whimseybox (7)

That’s my niece and housemate for the summer, SJ. She came home from the park in the middle of this project and went *crazy* over the pile of shiny studs. (The studs kept flying across the room and I’m afraid we’ll still be stepping on them months from now!) In an effort to instill the DIY spirit early I ‘helped’ her embellish her own tshirt, too.

DIY Studded Shirt whimseybox (11)

Basically she’s the fiercest princess on the block now.

And now for the dumb- in the original Buzzfeed post there’s a picture of my workspace with a Marie Claire that I was using to protect the table I was working on. A commenter pointed out that you could read my full name (not exactly a secret) and address (whoops) on the label of the magazine. Oy. They’ve updated the post with a new, blurred picture but I still feel pretty foolish. There’s a lot going on lately and I hate that I’m making sloppy mistakes like that! Speaking of the ‘a lot going on’, I’m waaaaay overdue for a DIY biz post so I’m going to write one now and put it up tomorrow. They are the hardest and most rewarding things to write, so let me know what you think.


  1. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t sweat it! Your little niece is adorable and so is her studded princess shirt. “to instill the DIY spirit” – I love that! I think I have instilled a little bit too much of DIY spirit into my own daughter, because she thinks I can practically make anything LOL!!! Kids are so precious.


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