DIY Striped Camera Strap

DIY Striped Camera Strap

Here’s a story with lots of (ugh, cell phone) pictures. Earlier this week I was supposed to be cleaning my office, but instead I was reading blogs. (So far, this story could have happened any day this year.)

Yeah. It’s an obstacle course to get to the grill. While reading I kept running across this awesome camera strap from Roberu. I first spotted on Design Crush.

And when I looked across my desk, I could see the leftover IKEA striped cotton from my skirt

… so I decided to see what I could do with materials I had on-hand. The biggest problem was that the pieces of material I had were long sections only four stripes wide but I thought I’d just Frankenstein it together and see what I could come up with. (This is how I work 99% of the time. You?)

So I cut it into pieces…

And then sewed them together into one long tube.

Turning stuff like this right-side out is such a pain, but my mom taught me to use a safety pin. It makes the job much easier. If you are too lazy to go find a safety pin you might try using a binder clip that was handy. Don’t, because it won’t work.

But the safety pin will work great. It won’t even slip off the end of the fabric when this happens:

Argh. Did you see my seam allowance in the sewing picture- one side normal and the other side miniscule? I really thought that would work? Start over, and use a normal seam allowance like a smart person.

But first, read what everyone’s up to on Twitter and enjoy a 4pm beer. (Extra enjoyable if you use a glass from your former employer.) It will make you feel better.

Now that’s a sturdy construction. Much better and much safer for your camera :)

Because cameras can get heavy I decided to insert a strip of thin craft foam for padding. (Sidenote: I originally bought that craft foam when I wanted to DIY these Prada brogues. It was a complete failure.)

I top-stitched around the entire strap and tapered the ends a bit. My machine had no problem stitching right through the foam.

On to the leather and hardware- I drew out rough pattern on a piece of paper. On the left is my first pattern which was way too small. The second one was just right.

Cut the leather pieces out and find some steel rings (split-ring key rings would work fine).

Then punch two holes in the top of each side of the leather and in the corresponding area on the strap. I used two size medium rivets to put it all together.

Finally, add the straps to attach to the camera. I cut them about 10″ long and made them the same width as the ends of current strap on my camera. This was to ensure it would fit properly and so that I could steal the buckles off of the existing strap- they were the only piece I didn’t have! I thought about making a jump ring buckles like I did with the studded wrap bracelet, but I didn’t want to take any chances with my camera. I used a small rivet to connect the strap to the steel ring.



  1. Sutton says:

    What is that leather store you posted about a while ago? Where you get all of your studs and leather scraps? I can’t find it and want to check it out! Love your blog! LOVE your DIYs! :)

    • Alicia says:

      Oh good! Tandy Leather has everything you might need and more. You can also find limited selections at Michaels and Hobby Lobby that would certainly be enough for this project.

  2. Kim says:

    A good place to find both hardware (rings) and cheap leather is actually at a Goodwill or Salvation Army. Buy a leather purse for a buck and have fun ripping it up!

  3. Z says:

    I really love this! Not only does it look good but it’s useful and completely do-able. I know my photographer friend would love to have something like that!

    Btw, I hope you don’t mind but I pinned the last image in your post in my Pintrest board. I posted a URL to this post in the pin’s description. I hope it isn’t/won’t be a problem. Please let me know if it is/will be.


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