DIY Stamped Tote Bag + Camera Strap

DIY Stamped Leather Totebag Whimseybox (1)

Yesterday we welcomed (another!) new team member to Whimseybox. Ashley (Sugar and Cloth) joined us and jumped right into the DIY action by making this stamped tote bag with leather handles. You can find the full step-by-step tutorial on Whimseybox.

DIY Stamped Geometric Camera Strap (8)

And while she did that, I whipped up (another!) camera strap using a stamp I’d carved to make some cards a few weeks ago. You can find all the steps for this project on Whimseybox, too!

Oh, and if you post (or love finding) great DIY projects, please go check out our community features. Anyone can create an account on for FREE (you don’t have to be a paying subscriber) where you can post and share your projects. It can be whatever you like – some people post pictures of projects they’ve made from their Whimseybox and others post their own DIYs and link back to the full tutorial their blog. I’d love it if you would try it out and let me know what you think!


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