DIY Sparkly Wrapped Bracelets

We’ve all seen this style of bracelet around lately, right? They are everywhere! For a while I planned to do a DIY but never got around to it because it was hard to find that rhinestone chain outside of specialty stores. But not anymore! Now you can buy it (in varying sizes even!) at Michael’s in the expanded jewelry section. Plus, everyone loved the orange wrapped chain bracelet so I thought I’d give another take on the same idea. I didn’t do a strict accounting of the costs but I estimate you could make about 4 of these for $10.

I bought all the supplies at Michael’s. You’ll need a fairly large size of chain, the rhinestone chain and ribbon or embroidery floss. (For the blue bracelet I used ribbon and for the chartreuse bracelet I used floss.) Other supplies that aren’t shown are a clasp (I used an S hook) and glue to secure the knots.

The process is pretty much what you’d expect: start by tying your ribbon or floss to the rhinestone chain. Wrap through the links of the chain and back in between the rhinestones. I double (ribbon) or triple (floss) wrapped each section to keep it secure and show off the colors. At the end of the bracelet tie another knot and then add a dot of glue to the knots before cutting off the tails. Then attach the clasp using jump rings.


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