DIY Sparkling Druzy Jewelry

Here’s another 15 minute DIY project that I’ve been thinking about for about 15 months! I’ve seen few pieces of druzy jewelry on blogs and it always catches my eye. Recently it was this ring on Design for Mankind and these earrings on another blog.

I did give this project a run a while back during my polymer clay-period but they just didn’t come out quite as polished looking as I wanted. But a few weeks ago I was shopping for Christmas ornament supplies (I know!) and picked up these silver hoop beads to use as angel halos. This morning I realized that they would make the perfect outside ring for the ring and earrings I had in mind.

Start by gluing the hoop bead (mine came in a pack of 15 from Hobby Lobby) to a round metal disk. I used stamping blanks, but you could also cut a circle from sheet metal or even plastic. Be sure to use glue that is intended for metal – I like Aleene’s Glass and Bead glue. (My tube burst apart during the making of this project, but I’ve had it for years so I’m assuming that’s the reason. Even though I use it regularly it lasts forever.)

Then mix up some glitter and glue. I used Mod Podge but Elmer’s would work too. (Or resin, if you are feeling ambitious.) I’d recommend choosing a fine glitter rather than the chunky kind you see in these pictures. I used blue Martha Stewart glitter when I made the earrings and I really love how they came out.

Scoop the mixture into your bead.

Add additional glitter on top and press lightly to set. Let it dry for a few hours and then attach to a ring blank or earring posts using more glass + bead glue.

Wouldn’t these make a great gift? My husband said they could be cuff links too, as long as your guy doesn’t mind a little glitter :)


  1. AHHHH great DIY. Why haven’t I thought of this before?! I just did pretty much the same thing to my fingernails. You could also stack washers to create the ring base if you couldn’t find a hoop bead… maybe? I bought some really great ring bases from Michaels over a year ago that would allow you to skip that whole gluing-the-hoop-bead-to-disc step but, I just tried, and they’re impossible to find online. Possibly discontinued. I’ll take a photo and send it your way. Anyway, please feel free to check out my jewelry making blog!

  2. Divya N says:

    These are really nice…recently I tried a blue glitter pendant with ice resin and it came out great…resin gives the top a smooth polished finished (like its a real stone) and the glitter will never fall out :)

  3. Melinda says:

    Your DIY turned out great. But will the ring blank really stay connected to the glitter bead? I have struggled with this on other projects – good ring blanks (with a true attachable section) seem hard to find.

    • alicia says:

      Thanks Melinda. I think it really depends on what kind of glue you use. I swear by the Aleene’s Platinum Bond but I’ll update this post if anything falls apart. I wore them out last night and so far so good!
      As for ring blanks, have you checked Fire Mountain- They are my go-to for all things jewelry and findings.

  4. Robin says:

    What a perfect idea! I bought a Drusy stone and while making a necklace with it, the entire thing crumbled into pieces. Drusy is a really expensive stone and was really bummed. Now I have a great alternative to make! Thank you!

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  6. jennifer says:

    I love these! Can you tell me what the name on the package of silver hoops and what size blanks you used? I cant find them anywhere.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Lori says:

    I love this DIY. I tried it, though, and it didn’t turn out as pretty as yours. I think I used too much Mod Podge. Mine looks more glittery than “gem-ey.”

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Tracy! I just measured and the flat metal piece and the ring are both just a touch over 1/2″ in diameter. The ring itself is about 1/16″ thick. Hope that helps! Thanks :)

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