DIY Printed Pants

Ta-da! This is my most ambitious clothing project to-date and I’m pretty psyched about how they came out. Although I must admit that just after trying them on for the last time I was struck by the thought that I might have just reinvented Zubaz. (They still exist! And I didn’t realize until now that they are from Minneapolis which is I’m from. Did the rest of the country wear Zubaz too?)

I bought the fabric and a basic pattern at Jo-Ann. The pattern I used was NewLook 6005 which I selected because it was easy, cheap and not totally heinous. (Oh, pattern companies – why so much crazy?) I started out trying to follow the pattern because I figured sewing is a little like cooking in that you should follow the directions exactly the first time and save the modifications until you actually know what you’re doing. Well, that lasted a few hours.

Each time I finished a seam I would hold up the pants and imagine how strangers would soon be stopping me on the street to comment on my cra-mazing pants. This adds hours to the project but it’s fun. As I continued to do it I started thinking about maybe making them a little narrower so I wound up taking them in quite a bit using a technique that would probably make Tim Gunn cry.

I kept fussing with them until I realized I was trying to turn a pair of glorified pajama pants into some slim fit trousers with a drawstring and non-stretch fabric. Finally I just decided to finish them up while I could still fit them over my hips. I did a few other things like add a lining because the fabric was thin, skip the silly tabs that were supposed to go on the bottom and attach the waistband in such a way that would look more finished than the way the instructions recommended.

Look for me on Stockholm Street Style next week 😉


  1. Rosie says:

    wow! they are amazing!
    i have just descovered your blog and i am in absolute love with it!!!
    i am 15 and have made a few dresses and have been making jewelery since i was 9!
    i would love to work in fashion when im older and your blog has given me so many ideas!
    thanks so much!
    Rosie xx

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