DIY Painted Chain Bangle

I sure hope you aren’t sick of blue or bracelets quite yet… next week I plan on getting back to some leather crafts, I promise. This DIY is a mashup of the painted chain jewelry I’m seeing lately with a chain bangle that I’ve considered making for a while. And yes, I have miniature bust of Albert Einstein in my house… he’s been with me since college.

I used the same chain as the sparkly wrapped bracelets and more of the sheet metal I bought for the metal collar necklace. In addition you’ll need some spray paint (a bright color and a clear top coat) and some Super Glue.

I measured the chain around my wrist and cut the length I liked. Then I laid it on top of my sheet metal and marked the width so I could use tin snips to cut a long, narrow strip. Make your strip a little longer than you need for the bracelet so that you’ll have enough extra to round the corners and remove any sharp points. To bend the flat strip of metal into the bangle shape I started by shaping it around the spray paint can. Then I used another slightly smaller cylinder until I got a shape that was a good fit on my wrist.

Use the spray paint to color the section of the chain you want to paint- I decided to do about 2/3 of my bracelet. After the paint has finished drying start at one end and glue (using Super Glue or 2-part epoxy) each link down. Press firmly to be sure it’s secure. Then give it a coat or two of clear sealant for protection.


  1. I just saw this. The cuff turned out really pretty and neat. I was wondering if there was any other way to attach chain to the metal cuff (other than glueing, yours is so neat though). I was working on a chain and metal cuff project (mine also had feathers). Attaching feather trim was really easy, but instead of glueing my chain I just left it separate…. Again, I admire how nice yours turned out just with the Super Glue.

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Maya. Sure, the first thing that comes to mind is to solder the chain and cuff together if you are comfortable with those tools. Another option would be to punch a hole into the cuff and use wire or even a rivet to attach the chain in different places. I really love the metal cuff you started with- it’s so shiny and pretty.

      • Thanks Alicia, I never thought of making holes and attaching with wire. Thanks for the great tip. I have a large plastic chain trim from JoAnns (trimming section in Fabrics) and wanted to somehow attach that to the metal cuff. Soldering won’t work for that (plus I dont’ have the right tools) but I will have to try either holes or glue. Whatever I end up with I will link back to your post.
        Seriously, I need Erica Domesek’s craft closet and her tools ;) LOL

        • Alicia says:

          Don’t we all! With plastic chain I’d probably try making holes and then using wire, thread, ribbon or another material to attach it. Easier than soldering anyhow!

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