DIY Ojo de Dios Earrings

When I was creating the new DIY archive page I was surprised to find that I hardly ever make earrings. I knew I made a lot of bracelets, but wow! Lately I’ve been admiring Ojo de Dios and set out to make some tiny ones.

Instead of yarn I used one my favorite craft supplies, embroidery floss.

And rather than large dowels I used toothpicks.

Getting started is a little tricky. Start by tying one end of the floss to the center of a toothpick. Then add the other two toothpicks and begin wrapping your pattern while holding them in a radial pattern. It feels like it won’t work out but if you keep wrapping and adjusting the toothpicks as needed it starts to come together. (Check out this tutorial if you’re feeling lost.)

Soon it should start to look like this. Now you can decided what pattern to wrap. My design is simple and uses three colors.



To change from oatmeal to orange I tied the two colors together with an overhand knot. Then I continued wrapping and made sure that the knot wound up on the back of the design. At then end I went back and snipped off all of the excess floss after the knot.

I kept wrapping until I was happy with the size. Then I wrapped up and down each of the ends of the toothpick and snipped of the pointy ends. You could also simply snip off the toothpick at the end of your pattern and not have the sticks poking out. Before I wrapped the ends I decided which size should be the top and added a loop of wire.  Then I attached ear hooks.




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