DIY Neon Wrap Bracelet

By now we’re all familiar with the Chan Luu wrap bracelet, right? They are amazing, but the price is steep. (I guess this pic is of the men’s collection, but I love the one on the left.)

It always seemed perfect for a DIY, but I wasn’t ever that driven to try it until I rediscovered this neon rubber cord in my supplies. For weeks I would play around the with the cord, trying to knot it into patterns, weave it into chain or make it into a cute tassel but it would not cooperate. Finally I resigned myself to attempting a Chan Luu inspired design using silver beads and clear stretchy jewelry cord.

Basically I decided to wing it with my technique, but since finishing the bracelet I found this post via Chic Steals that explains how to wrap the beads.

Be sure to use a bit of adhesive to secure the ends of that evil, slippery stretchy jewelry cord. I used an S clasp and added a Swarovski crystal and stamped metal charm with my initials for fun. I think it’s a fun take on the wrap bracelet that’s perfect for summer.


    • Puput says:

      I’m sorry, I’m not interested Jesus Fucking Christ!!! that blndoe that gets fucked in the wash room is a TEN !! actually an ELEVEN but the numbers don’t go that high maybe in her case, we’ll make an exception, though!!

  1. Mar (@scumul) says:

    OMG! Like a week ago I bought two pieces of bright neon rubber cords just because they looked so pretty but didn’t know what to do with them and this is perfect!! great Idea! thanks!

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