DIY Neon + Neutral Necklace


Here’s a $10, 30-minute DIY project that will add a punch of color to any outfit. It’s been a while since I broke out the polymer clay, but the fluo inspiration got me back in the game.


You’ll need some clay, a clay knife (or razor blade), a skewer and some chain.


Condition your clay and then roll it into a simple snake shape. Insert your skewer to make the center hole and roll the snake bit more to keep an even shape. As long as your clay isn’t super soft you should be able to easily pull the skewer out and then slice into beads with you clay knife.


I wanted the beads to be somewhat organic so I didn’t worry about making each one identical. After I finished the pink beads I repeated the process with the beige color and then laid each bead flat on the tile and baked according to the package directions.


Fifteen minutes later they were finished. Thread the beads on your chain randomly. I used more pink than beige.


Wear and enjoy :)


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