DIY Multi-Chain Necklace

I can’t believe this necklace is just now appearing on the blog because it’s the DIY I wear the MOST by far. I made it in 2009 and I think I’ve worn it more days than not since then. :)

It’s really simple to make. The necklace is made up of four different chains- a box chain, a rolo chain and two different sizes of cable chain. (I like gunmetal finish chain like this.) They are each slightly different lengths (ranging from 29 inches to 34 inches) so they all can be seen when the necklace is worn. On the longest chain I attached a 1″ piece of crystal to the center using a head pin. (If you know how to wire-wrap this is a simple project. If not, check out this great article from ArtBeads or come take a class with me and I’ll teach you in person!) Then I attached the spike bead using a jump ring to one of the short chains.

I finished the necklace with a lobster claw clasp, although I rarely open it and usually just put the necklace on over my head. (It does come in handy when untangling, though. Every time I take this necklace off to go through security at the airport it winds up in a big knot!) If you look closely you can see that the box chain is wire-wrapped to the jump rings because it’s too small to be threaded on the rings. If you aren’t comfortable wire-wrapping you can just choose a different type of chain in place of the box chain and then all you’ll need are jump rings.

This is such a favorite of mine I think I might add a project like this to the fall class calendar. What do you think?


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