DIY Metal Collar Necklace

Have you seen all the metal collars lately? Dream & Dress did a great round up of this trend, but most of the options were pretty expensive. Time to DIY!

(Images: Streetfsn, Jak & Jil)

I was just going to buy a flat piece of sheet metal at Home Depot, but then I ran into this thing.

Apparently this is a storm collar. It costs about $10 and some basic Google searching tells me it’s supposed to keep rain out of your house. But here in Houston it hasn’t rained in months (sorry to rub it in, rest of the country) so here’s a better use – a collar necklace. You’ll also need some tin snips to cut the metal. If you can’t find some in the toolbox of your husband/dad/neighbor then you can buy them for about $10, too. Go get some now, because I have more uses for them coming up soon.

Cut off the part of the collar that has the metal brackets welded to it. Then CAREFULLY put the collar on and start gently shaping it by bending the metal with your hands.

Flip the collar over and use a Sharpie to draw on the underside where you want to cut away the extra metal. I didn’t do any measuring or break out the compass – a rough sketch will do. I made it the full width at the center and a little less than half the original width at the back. Mark some dots in between and then connect them with an arc.

Cut it out along the line. To make the cutting easier, bend away the metal you are removing as you cut to allow your tin snips to more easily follow the arc that you’ve drawn. If you continue to cut in a long line (instead of starting and stopping several times) you are less likely to have lots of sharp pokey bits along the edge. I bought a file to smooth the edges but didn’t even need it. Finally, use the tin snips to round the back edges to remove the sharp corners.

Seriously, removing the glue from the UPC sticker was the hardest part of this DIY!


  1. raven says:

    WOW I would’ve never thought of this. I go to Home Depot sometimes for inspiration too since so many of those tools/materials can be used for something else (I really kinda love that store). But I’ve never turned out anything this cool. I love how it’s a very chic modern piece + looks like you paid a hefty price for it!


  2. Evelin says:

    You’re wonderful!

    I’ve been spotting these metal collars and armour jewelry in general everywhere and I can’t help but love the trend. It’s elegant and rough at the same time and truly quite timeless!

    You found an amazing way to make it yourself, thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Hi Alicia, did you buy your storm collar at Home Depot? I went there today and could not find that kind (they did have other more bulkier ones). Thanks so much for all your tips and wonderful ideas!!

  4. Eli B. says:

    Just a tip, remove labels of almost anything by spraying / soaking it with WD-40. If you can get most of the sticker off and expose it a bit, it works even better. Then just soap off the WD-40.

  5. Jenny says:

    I just stumbled upon this, and it’s so cool! I’m awed by your ingenuity on this piece – I would never have thought of this while passing by “storm collars” at Home Depot. Has it aged or oxidized at all since you made it?

  6. Cathy Speerly says:

    Amazing project. I noticed there are several sizes. The one you link to is an 8 inch. Is that the size you used? I am so excited to try this project and can’t wait for more from you. I love it!

  7. marlene says:

    I would seal it with some kind of sealer. Maybe even several coats. Your link is for a galvanized piece of metal. I was told that you should not use galvanized metal for jewelry. Don’t know if this is true or not but safe is better then sorry.
    BTW, Love the look and the Tut.

  8. Teri Steinborn says:

    That’s a fabulous piece you did! And here I was, thinking you were going to start whipping out all the tools and torches on us! Brilliant! I do a lot of metal smith work and that’s just too cute! I can totally see it with some pearls running thru the middle and hanging off the bottom!

    Marvelous job my friend! Thanks so much for the share!


    My Inner Kid, LLC

  9. Richard Rice says:

    Hi. I enjoy making jewelry for the womwn in my life (wife, daughters, neices, friends, and friends of friends) . This looks perfect for one of them. Just a note– a few drops of Ronsonol (Zippo lighter fluid) on a paper towel, sometimes several times, will get that sticky off of anything solid (metal, glass, etc) Don’t try it on anything absorbent unless you try it out on some scrap first. LET IT DRY OUTSIDE after use. the fumes are as bad as gasoline for health and flamability (not as bad for smell.

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