DIY Leather Luggage Tag


As I might have complained about mentioned I spent a lot of time traveling over the last few months. Fun and amazing travel, but travel nonetheless. The last time I lugged this giant Samsonite off the carousel I noticed the pathetic paper luggage tag hanging on for dear life. By the time we arrived home it had given up the fight.


I needed a luggage tag that was as tough as this (rather large) suitcase, and one that would stand out.


I started out with the leftover leather from this card case and drew up rough pattern based on the size of my business card. If you’d like to use the pattern leave a comment and I’ll post a PDF to download.

Updated: Here’s the pattern!


I added studs around the border of the back using an exacto knife to punch the holes. Then I cut out the flap for the top section along my pattern.


Using leathercraft cement (carefully and just around the very edges) I glued the two sides together and then pressed them under a book while it set.


Good buckles (and actually all kinds of hardware) are hard to find! One of my secrets is to dig in my closet or look around a thrift store for something you can take apart. In this case I used a purse that Self magazine gave away free with a subscription about 10 years ago.


I cut a 1” by 6” strip of leather for the strap. Using a leather punch I made a hole on one end to attach the buckle. Do this by putting the prong through the hole and then gluing the undersides of the leather together using leathercraft cement. On the other end of the strap I punched four evenly spaced holes.


The final step is to insert your business card. I cut a piece of plastic to put in front that will protect and secure my card. If you don’t have random plastic bits in boxes marked “Misc. Craft Supplies” you might try using a transparency or a piece from some packaging.


Now my luggage tag is as tough as my luggage!


  1. Elizabeth says:

    OMG! I needed this so bag! I’m going to do it for sure! Also i would love to use the pattern, i would appreciate so much the PDF ?:-) Thanks for this DIY

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