DIY Leather Knot Bracelet

DIY Leather Knot Bracelet (10)

I just posted this Celine-inspired leather knot bracelet DIY over on Whimseybox. Seriously in love with how it came out! It’s my favorite kind of project – simple, stylish and completed in less than an hour. Plus leather. Plus gold!

(PS – Remember this Celine bracelet? One of the earliest DIYs I posted on this site! Also, my graphic design and photography is definitely improving!)


  1. Kymmie says:

    This bracelet is stylish, elegant, and FUN all rolled into one! I absolutely love it! I will have to go to Whimseybox to see how to make one. In the picture it looks quite snug on the wrist. Does it have a clasp or do you pull in on over your hand? Just curious as it looks like one, continuous piece of leather, but maybe I am missing something as I cannot see the underside of the bracelet. I love the truly unique and catchy design.

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