DIY Leather Bowl

Yes, yes – more leather!

Earlier this week I ran across this felt bowl at Supermarket – isn’t it cool? I’ve always wanted to work with thick, industrial felt but have yet to buy any. (It’s more expensive than I’d like…)

But I do have lots of leather. This is scrap suede purchased from Hobby Lobby for 2.99/bag.

At first I thought I’d make a pattern out of paper, but that wasn’t going anywhere and I started to get frustrated.

I just wanted a natural, organic shape anyway so I decided to just begin. Most of my leather pieces were in triangle-ish shapes with long, skinny ends so I clipped those off. You never know what you’ll find in the scrap bags, so just play around.

I used a box of binder clips to hold the 4 pieces of leather together while I worked the general shape into a shallow bowl.

When I was happy with it I went around and used my hole punch to make holes where I wanted to add rivets.

Then I inserted and set the rivets. (If you’ve never riveted something don’t be afraid because it’s easy! See here.) And that’s it! I love the simple look, natural materials and low cost of this bowl.


  1. anastasia says:

    what sort of rivets are these? looking to hit lowe’s and sending the husband with a list. he wants specificity. 😀

  2. anastasia says:

    May I ask what sort of rivets are these? My honey is going to Lowe’s for me, and wants specificity. 😀

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