DIY Leather and Metal Pyramid Necklace

I’d been thinking about finding ways to put leather and metal together for some DIY when I ran across the inspiration for this necklace. I changed the design up a bit to suit the materials I had on-hand, using some leather scraps and the metal leftover from my DIY Metal Collar. (Of course, a flat sheet of metal would work too.)

It did require a few tools – tin snips to cut the metal, sheers for the leather, a leather punch and a screw punch to make the holes. I drew a rough sketch of the shape on a piece of paper and then cut out the leather parts – a skinny rectangle for the top layer and the inverted pyramid bars shape for the bottom layer. Then I cut the middle (two-bar) and the top piece (rectangle) from the metal.

I used a Sharpie to make small dots where I wanted to punch the holes and started punching. I used the first piece as a guide to mark the location of the holes on the other layers so that they would all line up properly.

Then I connected all the pieces using 5 jump rings across the bottom and one each to attach the chain in the top corners.

Not exactly rocket science, huh? Fun, cheap and instantly gratifying.

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