DIY Lace Halloween Mask

Normally I avoid holiday-themed crafts but I’ve been thinking about the Jason Wu masks for so long that I thought it would be the perfect inspiration for a Halloween DIY. If you’re still young/young-at-heart enough to dress as a slutty whatever (nurse, nun, cop, etc) then GO FOR IT. If not, grab a cocktail dress and a little lace.

Special note – if you are in Houston you can come make these with me on Tuesday, October 24th at Caroline Collective! RSVP here and please share with your friends!

Even The Sartorialist loves a lace mask –

Here’s what I used: some nylon netting ($2/yard) and lace ($5/yard). A yard of material will make about 4932 masks, so invite your friends over. Or buy less. I bought mine at Jo-Ann. You could try and do this just with lace but I decided attach the lace to some netting to make the mask a little stronger and give it some body.

To start I cut out a 5″ x 10″ rectangle of each fabric. I then glued them together by spraying the back side of the lace with Loctite Spray Adhesive (Middleweight Bond) and pressing the nylon netting on top. Let the glue dry a bit and get tacky before placing the netting down for a stronger bond. Put a heavy book on top and let it sit for a while.

Download the this mask pattern and cut it out. Use the inside line for a smaller mask or the outside line for a larger mask. Pin it to your lace and cut out the shape.

I used some small embroidery scissors to cut out the lace from the eye holes and poke holes on each side to attach the ribbon.

Finally, attach some ribbon to each side. I made another mask using thin elastic but wound up liking this one with the ribbon ties better. I cut two 20″ pieces of black ribbon I had from Michael’s, threaded it through the holes and glued it to itself using a little dot of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion.

Then I went in the bathroom and began taking ridiculous photos of myself. My least favorite part of any DIY project, to be sure :)



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