DIY: Grey Nails + Other Trends

Above: Nails at Rag & BoneNails at Costello Tagliapietra

This is a beauty DIY.

I feel obligated to include the following disclaimer: I am a beauty idiot. I barely wear makeup, and I’m certain that what I do wear is wrong. In my life I’ve purchased one thing at Sephora, and that was deodorant. For my husband. I’d like to become fluent in makeup, but YouTube makeup tutorials freak me out.

You should also know that this idea was inspired by the spray paint that I got all over my hands while working on a home improvement project. Seriously!

Part 1: Grey Polish

First, before heading to WWDMAGIC I needed to paint my nails. I wanted grey, but there was no time for a manicure and a quick run to CVS didn’t turn up any grey polish. They had a metallic silver, but I had a flatter, more modern look in mind. Luckily, though, they did have black polish and white polish. At home I mixed about 3 parts black with 1 part white to make a grey I liked. I used a paper plate the first time, but the polish started to thicken and dry almost before I could finish the first coat, so the next time I made sure to mix it in a bottle. This is also good for applying additional coats or doing touch ups because it’s very hard to mix the same exact shade twice.

Part 2: Spray Paint!?

I considered the grey a complete success. A few days later I was outside spray painting the IKEA lockers (9 cans of paint so far! oy!) my dark grey nails wound up covered in light grey speckles. It was sort of celestial. I loved it so I decided to repeat the process intentionally.

This time I tried to mask off my fingers to keep the paint off my skin. I used this spray paint, if you’re interested, and then finished with a clear top coat. The result is a 3D, night sky look that is beyond my ability to photograph, unfortunately, so you’ll have to take my word for how awesome it is. Now I’m excited to experiment more on my nails. It’s fast, cheap, and easy to change. Have you done any DIY nail projects?

Here are two more DIY-able nail styles (?) from NYFW I have my eye on:

Left: Coloring outside the lines at Vena Cava Right: ‘Caviar’ nails at Cushnie et Ochs

And, finally, a video from PopSugar with even more nail trends from NYFW:

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