DIY: Feather Tassel Necklace

Above: Cynthia Rowley, A.V. Max, Saltalamacchia

Two big spring trends are tassels and feathers. I’m not ready to go all-out with the feather choker, but a long necklace with a feather tassel is very wearable. It’s not a completely new idea- while writing this post I ran into this variation on M&J Trim’s website from a year ago.

Here’s what you need:

Ostrich Feathers: I snipped off about an inch of ostrich feather trim I had leftover from a shirt that was never meant to be, but it’s much cheaper to buy a plume.
Wire: About two inches (or use a eye pin or head pin if you have one.)
Chain: For a long necklace, use about 36 inches. I used 3.2mm curb chain.
Bead Cap: (Or cord end, or you could just wrap wire around the feathers)
Glue (Nail polish is an easy substitute!)

1. Bundle up the feathers and the straight piece of wire. Wrap tightly with thread and secure with a tight knot. I used mono filament to ensure that it wouldn’t be visible, but it’s all going to end up under the bead cap when it’s finished anyway so that’s not really necessary. (And mono filament is aggravating to work with, so don’t hesitate to stick to regular thread.)

2. This picture shows the wire better. Bend up the bottom of the wire and wrap around the feathers, ensuring to get it tight enough to fit inside the bead cap. Snip off any extra wire and trip the top of the feathers.

3. Add a little glue (or clear nail polish) to the thread wrap around the feathers and then slip the bead cap on top. Bend the top into a simple loop and snip off the extra.

4. Attach directly to your chain, or use a jump ring. I also added a short length of chain and a little skull charm I had lying around.

5. Wear and enjoy! Or, if you are camera shy like me, hang it on your mirror and snap a pic :)

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